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  1. Do I need to pay any extra charges for using Nosto ATMs?
    Nosto ATMs do not charge a fee for cash withdrawals made with a Finnish card. However, your bank may charge a service fee for using the cash dispenser. Please check your bank’s website for more information or contact its customer service.
    Cash withdrawals made with foreign cards are subject to a service fee. The service fee is indicated on the Nosto ATM screen before you decide to make a withdrawal.
  2. What cards do Nosto ATMs accept?
    Cash can be withdrawn using the most commonly used cards, such as Visa (Visa, Visa Electron, Plus) and MasterCard (MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus). This means that Nosto ATMs accept nearly all cards issued by Finnish banks and most cards issued by foreign banks. Nosto ATMs accept also JCB and UnionPay cards (excluding cards issued in Russian).
  3. What denomination banknotes can I get from a Nosto cash dispenser?
    Nosto cash dispensers allow withdrawals in 10, 20 and 50-euro banknotes.
  4. Are there any withdrawal limits at Nosto ATMs?
    The maximum single withdrawal at a Nosto ATM is EUR 400 unless the security limit for your card is lower.
  5. Credit or debit cash withdrawal?
    Combination credit-debit cards may give you a choice when using a Nosto cash dispenser between directly debiting your bank account or charging the withdrawal to your credit card account. Cash dispensers that accept your card without providing such a choice will use it as a credit card only. Some banks may conclude a special agreement for certain cash dispensers enabling you to use your credit card to debit your bank account directly. Nosto cash dispensers are linked to the international Visa/Mastercard network, but they cannot provide direct debiting services for a credit card linked to an unidentified off-network banking facility.
  6. Why isn’t the charge shown on my bank statement after making a withdrawal at a Nosto cash dispenser?
    Even though a provision is immediately placed on the account after a cash withdrawal in the same way as for a payment terminal transaction, the actual charge may not appear until some days later, depending on the bank.
  7. Can I check my account balance at a Nosto cash dispenser?
    The following cards allow balance enquiries:
    • All MasterCard cards
    • S-Bank Visa Debit, Visa Credit and Visa Credit/Debit cards
    • OP Bank Visa Debit and Visa Electron cards
    • Nordea Visa Debit and Visa Electron cards
    • Savings Bank Visa cards

    Negotiations with other banks to enable balance enquiries are also ongoing. Please contact your own bank if the balance enquiry function is unavailable with any of the supported cards listed above, or if you wish to change your card type to one that supports Nosto balance enquiries.

  8. Where can I find the nearest Nosto ATM?
    You can easily find your closest Nosto ATM from the front page of
  9. Where can I see a complete list of Nosto ATMs?
    You can download a list in Excel format here
  10. The most common error situations
    • Why won’t an ATM accept my card?
      Make sure that your card meets the requirements set out in Section 3. If necessary, contact our customer service or the bank that issued your card.
    • What do I do if a Nosto ATM is dirty or if something seems suspicious about it?
      We are continuously monitoring the condition of our ATMs, and we maintain and clean them regularly. However, if you notice that one of our ATMs is dirty or there is something not right about it, please contact our customer service at +358 20 730 42 42.                   
    • What should I do if ATM did not give my money?
      Contact your bank. The bank will file a complaint with the credit card company on your behalf. Any undue cover reservations will be removed or the debit will be refunded. Please note that returns will not work automatically.

Are you still seeking an answer to your question? Call our customer service on 020 730 4242.



Some points to remember when using your card in a Nosto cash dispenser:

  • Please show consideration for the privacy of other users ahead of you in the queue.
  • Check the general appearance of the Nosto cash dispenser to ensure that it has no abnormal or suspicious additional fittings. Contact the person responsible for the cash dispenser if you notice anything suspicious. You will find the contact details in a sign below the machine.
  • Put your cash withdrawal card into the black plastic slot on the upper right hand side of the machine. Most modern cash dispensers leave about half of the card visible, but some older machines will swallow the entire card for the duration of the transaction.
  • Enter your pin code, while taking care to block the view of the keypad from above, for example using your other hand. Also be sure to block the view of anybody standing behind you, and decline any offers of help. Cancel the transaction and remove your card if anyone disturbs you. Learn your pin code by heart and do not reveal it to others.
  • Select your preferred withdrawal from the display or use the keypad to enter some other amount. The machine will print a transaction receipt on request, and will also allow you to view your account balance if your bank has enabled this function in Nosto cash dispensers. Otherwise you must contact your bank for this purpose.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and pay attention when using the cash dispenser, ignoring all distractions.
  • Remember to remove the cash withdrawal, your card and any receipt from the machine before leaving.
  • Contact your bank immediately to cancel your card if you lose it or cannot remove it from the cash dispenser for any reason. Card closure services operate at all times of day or night. Your bank will advise you of the telephone number to call in these circumstances.