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Cash securely – no extra expenses

Secure cash withdrawals, free of charge
Nosto ATMs are safe and easy to use. Cash withdrawals made with Finnish cards are free of charge.

Close to you
Nosto ATMs provide more options to choose where you withdraw cash. There are nearly 600 of our ATMs all over Finland. You can find us, for example, at shopping centres, stores and service stations.

10-euro notes as well
In addition to 50- and 20-euro banknotes, you can also get 10-euro banknotes from Nosto ATMs. Withdrawals can be made with the most common payment cards, such as Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, JCB and UnionPay (excluding cards issued in Russian).

Does it cost money to withdraw cash from the dispensers?
Nosto ATMs do not charge a fee for cash withdrawals made with a Finnish card.

However, your bank may charge a service fee for using the cash dispenser. Please check your bank’s website for more information or contact its customer service.

Cash withdrawals made with foreign cards are subject to a service fee. The service fee is indicated on the Nosto ATM screen before you decide to make a withdrawal.

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