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Terms and conditions of use and cookies

Welcome to the Nosto online service.

Please read the terms and conditions of use carefully.


Use of the Nosto online service maintained by Nokas CMS Oy requires that the user follows these terms and conditions of use for the Nosto online service.

The Nosto online service consists of several service packages. In addition to these terms and conditions, an individual service package may also have its own terms and conditions of use. These will be shown in connection with the service or at the time of joining it.


The content of the Nosto online service, including images, product information, trademarks, logos, etc. are the property of Nokas CMS Oy or a third party, and are protected by the Copyright Act and other legislation. Nokas CMS Oy reserves all rights to the Nokas online service and its content, unless otherwise is stated in these terms and conditions of use or in the online service.


The Nosto online service can be viewed and browsed, and printed for personal use. Users may not, either wholly or in part, copy or otherwise reproduce, transfer, distribute any content of the Nosto online service, nor use images, product information, trademarks, logos or other content without the prior written permission of Nokas CMS Oy. Text or images may not be used for commercial purposes.

The user may quote the material within the constraints of the right to quote set out in the Copyright Act. The right to quote requires indicating the source. Other use requires the prior consent of Nokas CMS Oy.


Nokas CMS Oy does not guarantee the correctness or reliability of the information contained in the Nosto online service. Product prices, images, product information, product availability and all other materials available online are published without any guarantees. Nokas CMS Oy accepts no liability for any direct or indirect losses possibly caused by information provided in the online service.

Nokas CMS Oy reserves the right to change without advance notification and for any reason the terms and conditions of use, layout, content, availability or services provided by the Nosto online service, or other features of the online service.

Nokas CMS Oy does not guarantee the uninterrupted or correct operation of the Nosto online service, nor will it be responsible for its availability. Unless otherwise provided for in mandatory legislation, Nokas CMS Oy will not be held liable for any damage caused by use of the online service, prevented use of the services or any related reason.


The Nosto online service may feature links to websites owned or maintained by third parties. When accessing these websites, users must read and accept any terms and conditions of these websites before using them. Nokas CMS Oy has no possibilities to affect the content of websites created or published by parties other than Nokas CMS Oy, and will not be held liable for the operation, content or other properties of these websites produced by third parties.

The Nosto online service may use technologies that require the installation of applications and extensions produced by third parties. Nokas CMS Oy will not accept any liability for the functioning of these third-party applications and extensions, or for disturbances or errors caused by them, or for other losses related to them or caused by them.


The Nosto online service utilises cookies, small text files stored in the user’s computer, for managing service sessions and for monitoring the user base. Cookies can be disabled by changing the browser settings.

If cookies are disabled, the user should be aware that certain services may require cookies in order to function properly.

If the user observes any breach of these rules, the user should report the breach to:

Nokas CMS Oy

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