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Nosto ATMs in a sea container serves international cruise passengers

The acquisition of cash for international cruise guests arriving in Helsinki becomes easier when Nosto opens new ATMs in connection to the dock of cruise ships in Hernesaari. The improved availability of cash benefits tourists as well as domestic entrepreneurs such as market traders.

Nosto opened new ATMs on June 8, 2023, in connection to the Hernesaari dock of international cruise ships in Helsinki. The ATMs are located in a sea container, making them easy to move around.

About 180,000 tourists visit Helsinki annually on international cruise ships. Many tourists come from countries where the use of cash is more common than paying by card or digital payments. For example, in Germany, over 60 percent of transactions are made in cash. Even more common than in Germany, cash payments are made in Austria, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

“We aim to serve international tourists arriving in Helsinki on cruise ships as well as domestic entrepreneurs such as market traders. International cruise guests typically spend a short time in Helsinki, and they often come from countries where cash payment is the most common method. Tourists usually travel by bus or walk to the center of Helsinki, for example to the Market Square, where they can now make purchases more smoothly,” says Risto Lepo, Sales and Development Director at Nokas CMS Oy.

“The newly opened Nosto ATMs are located in a sea container, making them easy to move. During the summer, the sea container is in Hernesaari. In the fall, it is expected to circulate at various events, especially those with international guests. Many event organizers have asked us about the possibility of having a Nosto ATM at the event, and with the mobile sea container, it is easy to arrange,” Lepo continues.

Finnish people also prefer cash on holiday trips

Although Finns use cash relatively little compared to many other European countries, when traveling abroad, 63 percent of Finns use more cash than in normal everyday life. In many popular Finnish holiday destinations, especially in Spain and Greece, you still cannot get by without cash.

Finland has been at the forefront in Europe in digitizing banking services and the number of ATMs in Finland has been declining for a long time. In fact, relative to the population, Finland has the fewest ATMs in Europe. Since Nosto entered the market in 2017, the total number of ATMs in Finland has started to grow.

The issue of ensuring the availability of cash has been discussed more and more over the past year. Operational security is one significant justification for the existence of cash, and the war in Ukraine has highlighted the importance of cash in people’s minds.



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Sales and Development Director, Nokas CMS Oy
+358 40 544 2247

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