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The number of ATMs expected to increase by 10 per cent in Finland in 2018

The first new Nosto ATMs have been installed in S Group locations. The new cooperation between the S Group and Nokas on Nosto ATMs will improve the availability of cash in Finland. Before the launch of this partnership, the number of ATMs decreased clearly year after year.

“If the public information about the relocation of competing ATMs is accurate, we expect that the number of ATMs, with all ATM operators included, will be ten per cent higher next year than at the beginning of this year. We are happy about this positive development, as the primary goal of this partnership is to improve the availability of cash in Finland, as our customers consider this to be important,” says Jari Annala, CFO at SOK.

In August, the S Group announced that it will replace all of the 300 Otto ATMs located in its business units with Nosto ATMs, and that it will open 50 new ATMs in completely new locations. The ATMs will be installed so that there will be as short an interruption as possible in the availability of cash when previous Otto ATMs are removed and new Nosto ATMs are opened.

“Customers of the S Group do not need to worry about this change, as every Otto ATM will be replaced by a new Nosto ATM. We will also open completely new ATMs,” Annala says.

The first Nosto ATMs were installed in the HOK-Elanto area in the Helsinki region on 20 September, when new Nosto ATMs were installed at S-market Bulevardi and S-market Sokos in Helsinki. The Helsinki region will be followed by Pirkanmaa, Hämeenmaa and Turku cooperative areas. All Otto ATMs will be replaced by Nosto ATMs in all S Group locations by spring 2018.

The S Group has already piloted Nosto ATMs, for example, at Alepa stores in Jollas and Kivistö in Helsinki with positive experiences.

“Customers have been excited, in particular, about the possibility to also withdraw ten-euro notes. There has also been clear demand for new ATMs. For example, the new ATM opened in Kivistö in August is the only ATM at a five-kilometre radius,” Annala says.

Customers of the S Group still consider cash to be an important payment instrument, as more than one third of all purchases at the S Group’s supermarkets are made in cash.

New design for Nosto ATMs

Before its partnership with the S Group, Nokas had nearly 60 Nosto ATMs in different parts of Finland and more than 1,000 in other Nordic countries. Nokas redesigned its ATM brand identity as part of this partnership.

“We will launch Nosto ATMs in Finland with a new, simple and modern yellow design. The use of Nosto ATMs will not cause any additional costs to customers,” says Risto Lepo, head of sales and development at Nokas in Finland.

Existing Nosto ATMs and the piloted ATMs will be redesigned during autumn.

You can easily find your closest Nosto ATM at the Nosto website at . There you can also find playful competitions related to cash. You can also use the S-mobiili location search to check whether your nearest store includes a Nosto ATM.

For further information, please contact:

Jari Annala, CFO, SOK, +358 10 76 82040

Risto Lepo, head of sales and development, Nokas, +358 40 544 2247